Elevate Your Business Aesthetics with Expert Commercial Painting Services

When it comes to keeping your business looking its best, quality commercial painting services can make all the difference. At Michael Grant Painting, we understand the unique needs and challenges of painting commercial spaces. As leading commercial painters, we have over 20 years of experience making commercial properties shine. Whether you need interior painting, exterior painting, or specialty coatings, our team brings a professional, reliable approach to every painting project.

commercial painting services

Commercial Painting Services Tailored to Your Needs

No two commercial properties are alike – from office buildings and hotels to restaurants and retail stores, each space requires a customized painting approach. Our commercial painters assess the unique needs of your property and recommend paints, preparations, and techniques to deliver optimal, long-lasting results within your timeline and budget. Services offered include:

  • Interior/exterior painting

  • Faux finishes textures

  • Epoxy floor coatings

  • Specialty industrial coatings

  • Surface cleaning, prep, repairs

  • Paint failure analysis solutions

  • Pressure washing

  • Graffiti removal

  • And more!

Our versatility enables us to expertly tackle nearly any painting request you submit for your retail establishment, hospital, multi-family housing complex, or other commercial space. Your assigned project manager will work with you to understand your vision, schedule, operations and any limitations to develop a comprehensive painting plan tailored for your property.

Trust the Commercial Painting Experts

Painting defects, subpar paints, and lack of adherence to preparation procedures can compromise the aesthetics and integrity of your business. At Michael Grant Painting, we leverage our decades of experience using high-performance coatings manufactured explicitly for commercial spaces to deliver optimal, long-lasting results. Our painters utilize industry-leading techniques and follow strict preparation procedures to ensure the paint adheres properly and provides superior protection.

We use only commercial-grade products tested to withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather, UV rays, and thorough cleaning without prematurely chipping, peeling, or losing vibrancy. Our team understands the unique rigors inherent in commercial properties. We work efficiently within your timeframe using safe, eco-friendly application methods to minimize disruption as much as possible.

Efficient Commercial Interior Painting Services

Our skilled teams know that working efficiently is imperative when painting active commercial areas. We organize the workspace, prep efficiently, apply paint quickly yet cautiously, and clean up thoroughly each day. With careful planning guided by our project manager, we complete workroom painting and other interior refresh projects over the weekends or after hours. For larger-scale interior painting jobs, we systematically section off and tackle areas to make efficient progress daily with minimal interruption to your operations.

Why Hire Professional Commercial Painters?

Maintaining the interior and exterior paint at your business in optimal, attractive condition goes a long way toward making a positive impression on customers, clients, and employees. However, corporate painting requires specialized expertise and experience that sets professional commercial painters apart from standard residential painters. Before deciding on DIY painting or a basic paint crew, consider these advantages of partnering with professional commercial painters instead for your upcoming refresh project:

Specialized Commercial Painting Products

Painting commercial spaces requires coating materials explicitly designed for high-traffic usage. General house paints cannot withstand the rigors and heavy use most business properties experience. At Michael Grant Painting, our commercial painters rely exclusively on commercial-grade paints proven to handle better frequent cleaning, harsh weather, consistent foot traffic, and other demands commercial sites endure without succumbing to chips, discoloration, or abnormal wear. We’ll recommend durable exterior or interior paints that balance aesthetics and resilience to maintain vibrant visual appeal longer.

Methodical Preparation Techniques

Success in painting commercial spaces relies heavily on precise, methodical preparation before applying any paint. Our team meticulously power washes exteriors, seals surface, implements essential repairs, smooths textures, and cleans thoroughly before the first brushstroke. These vital steps experienced commercial painters take prevent paint failures like improper adhesion, which compromise durability and aesthetics. Attempting commercial painting without proper preparation typically leads to puckering, blistering, or peeling long before the paint reaches its normal lifespan.

Multi-Disciplined Skillsets

Professional commercial painters offer multidisciplinary skillsets that minimize the need for extra vendors on your job. For example, our crew handles repairs like drywall replacement and finish patching. We also manage other general contracting needs, from basic carpentry work to safety line stripping in parking lots. Our comprehensive capabilities streamline the coordination and completion of exterior refresh initiatives like new paint and parking space delineations.

Strategic Painting Techniques

The right techniques make all the difference in applying paint to commercial spaces. For example, we take extra precautions like using higher transfer efficiency sprayers to apply coatings evenly while minimizing overspray and cleanup. Careful brushwork delivers polished results, painting intricate commercial spaces like cafeteria walls showcasing company brands. Strategic cutting techniques prevent bleeding onto ceilings, floors, and signage throughout large interior refresh projects. With decades of experience, our commercial painters understand the methodologies needed to maintain clean sight lines and crisp details.

Eco-Friendly Processes

Many commercial painters need more meaningful sustainability initiatives beyond recycling empty paint cans. At Michael Grant Painting, we incorporate eco-friendly processes whenever feasible. From low-VOC paint options to high-efficiency application tools, we work to minimize environmental impact on all painting projects. Our team also prioritizes daily cleaning up diligently out of respect for surrounding ecosystems and waterways. We can recommend eco-friendly exterior power washing solutions, too.

Set Your Business Apart with Professional Exterior Painting

Updating aging or faded exterior paint offers an affordable, impactful way to refresh your entire commercial property. New exterior paint makes an incredibly positive impression on everyone, from repeat customers to vendors and potential hires. It demonstrates pride in your location’s appearance and conveys that your business is thriving.

However, painting a commercial building brings far greater intricacies than residential exteriors. Our professional commercial painters understand the common challenges inherent with businesses, like adhering paint to multiple substrates, safely accessing challenging facades, matching custom colors consistently across large surfaces, finessing intricate architectural detailing, managing disruption to daily operations, and more. We have an expansive toolkit and sharpened skillsets to address the unique needs and obstacles accompanying commercial exterior painting projects.

Our Services Include:

Paint Removal and Repair Solutions

We remove chipping lead-based paint humanely and sustainably whenever restoration projects demand. Repairing cracks, damaged wood, holes, and other exterior flaws properly before applying fresh paint prevents problems later. We examine all commercial exteriors closely to pinpoint repairs needed, then implement the necessary patching, sanding, and reinforcement improvements.

Multi-Story Access Capabilities

Safely accessing challenging facades is another distinguishing capability professional commercial painters bring to every job. We utilize specialized equipment like boom lifts, scaffolding, and rope access rigging to ensure every surface gets uniform coverage, including hard-to-reach areas other painters might need to pay more attention to. Proper preparation and paint application from top-to-bottom and edge-to-edge delivers the most durable, consistent results across large painting projects.

Efficient Commercial Painting Contractor Strategies

Keeping your business fully operational throughout the exterior painting remains a top priority. Our teams leverage methods to promote efficiency and flexibility based on your hours of operation, customer flow, and other logistical constraints. Painting surfaces systematically section-by-section allows us to make steady daily progress while allowing entryways to remain accessible. We schedule work in phases when possible, so only certain areas are off limits instead of unnecessarily closing off the full perimeter for days.

Schedule a Consultation for Exterior Painting with Michael Grant Painting

Now is the perfect time to request proposals from local commercial painters for your upcoming exterior refresh! Schedule a walkthrough and complimentary quote tailored to your property’s unique needs. Providing commercial clients peace of mind is our top priority. Our team is ready to assess your space and provide tailored solutions that work within your budget. Contact Michael Grant Painting to experience the difference working with professional commercial painters makes for both the quality and efficiency of your interior painting project.

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